Unlock knowledge through Videos, Pictures, and Stories.

Enables teams and individuals to easily share practices visually to improve the way of working, learn and innovate.
Meaningfull videos

More likely to watch, make sense of and implement practices seen through videos than read from a document.

Relevant pictures

We remember significantly better when pictures are attached to concepts or things.

Impactful stories

A well told story, combined with videos and pictures, increases learning experience that drives engagement.

It's amazingly visual and easy to use. With a few clicks you can post and share a story and have a lasting impact over your teammates.

Increase intrensic motivation to share and implement through Contests.
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Add and share

Accept and save uploaded videos and pictures.

Advanced search

By story name, year, data, location and tags.

Stay connected

Stories can be liked, shared and updated as necessary. Some can become best practices.

Organize contests/games.

Register your practice in a contest. Vote your favorite practice. Check the leaderbord. Get the chance to win trophies.

In the spotlight

Change Safety behaviour in a multi-site organization.
Share all the different safety tools and processes used in different sites through videos, pictures and stories. Regularly check safety practices implemented in your organization.
Disseminate excelent Customer service practices.
Identify your teams or individuals that ranks high on customer satisfaction. Share their practices with the entire organization to improve customer experience with your products and services.
Make visible deployed Lean practices.
Drive lean adoption by seeing lean practices at work in other locations. Implement lean practices to maximize value add, eliminate waste and minimize incidental waste.
Strengthen your NGO community.
Bring members together by sharing common practices. Build strong partnerships by showing impactful projects.


Customer service responsible trying to identify and disseminate best customer experiences accross organization.
Product manager want to educate sales team on the product.
Business consultant working on a project to reduce waste with positive impact on environmet.
Safety responsible in a multisite manufacturing organization wanting to share and implement best safety practices.
Human resource manager trying to share different cultural practices from different countries to create an inclusive environment.
Kindergarden teacher sharing weekly activitities with parents and other teachers.
Sports coaches want share specific practices across athleets to replicate and improve through visible before and after practices.

Flexible deployment in private networks, behind vpn firewalls and also public web.

User frindly from any device mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
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